Contr‚Äčact Design & Purchasing

about Deborah Frustino

Deborah Frustino, as President and owner of  Mountainside Design, has been a real estate broker for over 30 years, working 10 years in real estate development for GE Real Estate Capital, Arvida Realty and Markbourgh Properties. That experience  lead to the building and remodeling over thirty residential homes in several New England resort areas.  In 1997 Ms. Frustino partnered with a hotel owner/operator to buy and reposition hotels. This involved her in all aspects of the hotel business including: brokering, financing, design, construction, purchasing, and operations.  Specific skills use to remarket hotels included: initial design concept, working with architects and engineers from the ground floor to create a design vision, budgets and cost controls, hiring and managing the contractor for interior and exterior design and installation, property franchise selection, and owning and developing one of the first hotel condos in the country.